3 Tips And Tricks For Surviving Vienna Streets

Who does not like Vienna? Cakes horses dainty dance, all in Vienna oozes style and charm. The good news is that you can easily make the most of your holiday in Vienna by hiring a Vienna rental car .

You can visit the grand town hall in history – the Rathaus – and the Holocaust Memorial on your own time and at your own pace. You can also take help from the companies like https://www.vienna4friends.com/ to guide you throughout your vacation in Vienna.

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You can view the ancient royal palaces where you can find the Haus der Musik, Belvedere Oberes and Hofburg too, without having to follow someone else's schedule but your own.

As for navigating the streets of Vienna, here are some tips and tricks that are sure to come in handy.

1. Avoid Going through the center ring – The streets are quite narrow. They are also mostly one way. Worse, the parking is very limited. In fact, it is limited in the day.

2. Avoid driving during rush hours – Morning and early evening are the worst time for tourists on the streets with their rental car in Vienna because it is when the streets are really blocked.

3. Watch for Pedestrians – Stumped what to do crosswalks without pedestrian signals present? Slow down, look for pedestrians, and give them the right of way. Pedestrians right of way is a rule included in each of the intersections of Vienna, so always look for pedestrians when driving.